ACTE Speaks Out

Last week, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration released research findings highlighting the dangers of placing laptops in checked luggage, recommending against the practice.

In addition, the Trump administration announced new security screening rules for US-bound travellers, requiring a more stringent interrogation process.

In response, Greeley Koch, executive director of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, released the following statement: “It should come as no surprise that laptops in checked bags pose a safety threat – but it should never have come to this in the first place. When the Trump administration announced the original electronics ban a few months ago, we immediately sounded the alarm about how unsafe, untested and reactionary the policy was. Making these types of decisions on the fly doesn’t enhance safety and security; it just shifts the hazard.

“That’s why we think the new interrogation and screening procedures are a step in the right direction, helping to more narrowly target threats. But we hope this approach can be streamlined over time to avoid inconveniencing travellers and forcing them to show up earlier and earlier for their flights. In short, having smart and thorough security policies is a necessity, and governments need to take a thoughtful approach so that they don’t end up backtracking and causing more harm.”