ACV adopts Contac Services’ mywurld platform

Contac Services and Air Canada Vacations (ACV) have announced the adoption of the mywurld platform for all ACV bookings. The mywurld platform is a fully integrated, one to one personalized marketing and customer retention tool that leverages Contac’s PURL (personalized URL) technology to support travellers through every stage of their journey. For every ACV client who books a trip, mywurld creates a personalized web site (PURL) which is dynamically generated based upon their unique trip itinerary. Accessed online through eContac, Contac’s very own Travel Agent Desktop solution, the mywurld platform will serve as a complete and engaging travel resource for all Air Canada Vacations travel partner clients. In addition to providing essential destination information, virtual tours, flight and weather reports, mywurl offers the convenience of booking accommodations, entertainment, travel insurance and restaurant reservations online. Best of all, agents will have the opportunity to earn commission on all bookable content. Travel agencies across Canada will also have the ability to co-brand any PURL, allowing them a richer more meaningful connection with all their customers. Meanwhile, the complete integration with social networking sites like Facebook allows travellers to share all photos and itinerary details.