ACV Launches Dedicated ITA Support Program

Air Canada Vacations has launched ACV@Home — a dedicated support program for Independent Travel Advisors which will provide assistance, creative tools, and training to help grow a strong and dynamic community for travel professionals working from home.

Nino Montagnese, Vice President at Air Canada Vacations, said that: “Remaining connected and top-of-mind for at-home travel professionals is of utmost importance.”

Montagnese continued: “After planning and talking to Independent Travel Advisors, we are proud to have elaborated a program that can accommodate this growing niche market with select key host agencies.”

To support the ACV@Home project and Independent Travel Advisors, Krista Rothfuchs has been appointed Area Sales Manager for Independent Advisors.

She will be responsible for maintaining the relationships with these accounts and will work on establishing growth strategies for Air Canada Vacations’ diverse product portfolio. She has worked closely with independent advisors for many years and has a firm understanding of what they need as it relates to their business and providing the right education to keep them well informed.

She said: “The ACV@Home program was created to ensure our Independent Travel Advisor community feels supported, acknowledged, and wholly confident in using Air Canada Vacations as their preferred tour operator. We’ll be working alongside them to deliver the tools they need to help them be individually successful, both in English and in French.”

First Masterclass Training Program

Air Canada Vacations has also implemented its first ever Masterclass Training program that offers a number of brief yet informative tutorials on Air Canada Vacations’ products.

New and experienced advisors alike will learn what sets Air Canada Vacations apart from its competitors, as well as the key pillars of their offerings.

Once the Masterclass modules are completed, independent advisors will walk away with a graduation certificate and a Passport to Benefits savings booklet, which includes several exclusive rewards.

The operator will also be launching another first; an upcoming virtual awards ceremony called Simply the Best Awards which aims to recognize and reward this year’s top supporting agents.

The awards will be held on Feb 21, 2023, and invitations will be sent out to participating ACV@Home agencies.

The ACV@Home program was built with cycles of continuous feedback and collaboration from key agencies in order to ensure that the platform met the specific needs of Independent Travel Advisors.

“With the landscape changing and Independent Travel Advisors becoming more important, I am so happy to see Air Canada Vacations develop a dedicated independent consultant program led by Krista,” said Flemming Friisdahl, President at The Travel Agent Next Door.

“The ACV@Home program is a creative and innovative solution to support the business of athome travel professionals,” said Shannon Smith, VP of Training at TravelOnly Inc. “Air Canada Vacations has started to close the gaps by adapting the traditional sales role to service the unique requirements of home-based networks across the country.”

Host agencies that are part of the ACV@Home Program will be providing their networks with further contact details and information on the program.