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ACV makes in new on the web

Air Canada Vacations has turned a page, so to speak, rolling out a redesigned homepage that offers an improved user-friendly experience combined with quick and easy access to essential information, impactful design and social media integration. Nino Montagnese, Air Canada Vacations’ vice-president of sales and marketing, said of the changes: “We wanted our customers to have the best possible shopping experience and make it easier for them to navigate through the various product lines that we offer, which are continuously growing.” The redesigned homepage features a modern, colourful design that highlights all product lines through the use of intuitive icons, allowing customers to search for the perfect vacation with ease and confidence. Users can also browse packages by interest and destination. And stay tuned, as ACV makes it clear that its web site will continue to evolve in 2012 — so watch for more changes. Go to for more.

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