ACV Offering New Ways To Shop With Softvoyage

Air Canada Vacations has unveiled a streamlined travel agent shopping experience with Europe and Canada Tours now available for booking in Softvoyage (SIREV, SABRE and GALILEO) under the same Tour Operator Link (VAC) as the SUN Products under the TOURS section.

The company will also offer travel agents a 2% bonus commission when booking their clients’ Europe Tours through GDS.

Nino Montagnese, Vice-President, Air Canada Vacations, explained that: “By offering our travel agent partners the option to reserve our most popular European and Canadian tours through SIREV, we are simplifying the online booking process ultimately allowing them to support more customers. These improvements are truly a testament to our unwavering dedication to supporting our partners as the travel and tourism industry work through their road to recovery. You’ll continue to hear from us often as we remain committed to communicating these ongoing enhancements.”

For agents’ clients who book their next European Tour with Air Canada Vacations, they’ll save $500 and earn up to 15,000 bonus Aeroplan points per couple.

Air Canada Vacations’ 2% Bonus Commission is applicable to Europe Tours booked through GDS between April 4 and May 15, 2022, for travel at any time.