Tour Operators

ACV Sun Product Launches, Save the Date


Air Canada Vacations is advising agents to keep their calendars open for an upcoming 2014-15 Sun product launch.

Dates include: Laval, Sept. 8; Toronto, South Shore, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Sept. 9; Oakville, Calgary, Quebec City, Sept. 10; Barrie, Brandon, Red Deer, Ottawa, Sept. 11; Kingston, West Island, Sept. 15; Vancouver, Markham, Trois Rivieres, Halifax, Chicoutimi, Sept. 16; Moncton, Langley, Oshawa, Hamilton, Sherbrooke, Sept. 17; St. Catharines, Kelowna, Regina, Charlottetown, Sept. 18; Burnaby, Kitchener, Thunder Bay, St. John’s, Sept. 23; Parksville, London, Saskatoon, Sept. 24; Victoria, Sudbury, Sept. 25.