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ACV Unveils Enhanced Agent Loyalty Program

Air Canada Vacations (ACV) has introduced significant updates to its ACV&Me Loyalty Program, giving travel agents even more choices for 2020.

After a complete makeover, the agent loyalty program now allows the agents to earn more points faster, take advantage of a wider variety of redemption options, and instantly redeem in just a few clicks.

What’s new? Agents can now earn more points on more products when booking with Air Canada Vacations – 500 points on cruise and flight packages, seven nights or more; 500 points on sun packages, seven nights or more; 300 points per passenger for group bookings; 200 points on land only, three to seven nights; 200 points on cruise only, three to seven nights.

The enhanced program allows agents to earn more points faster, and instantly redeem for a wider variety of options – $50, $100 instant shopping and dining gift cards from 28 Canadian retailers; Travel the world. Redeem for travel vouchers – receive a $75 travel voucher instead of $50 when redeeming the same 5,000 points; Aeroplan Miles – redeem 5,500 points for 2,500 Aeroplan Miles; Cash in your pocket – redeem a Visa gift card of a minimum of $100 with 12,000 points or reload your card for a minimum of $100 with 11,600 points.

“After 18 months of planning, we are more than a little excited to announce the enhancements to our agent loyalty program. We asked the agency community for their feedback and believe we have come up with improvements that speak directly to the needs of the travel agency community,” said Dana Gain, senior director of sales, Groups & Partnerships. “The enhanced program is designed to recognize travel agents’ efforts with more earning opportunities and allow them to redeem instantly – two hot buttons we kept hearing about. We hope our travel partners are as excited about the enhancements as we are.”

The new program is valid for new bookings made as of Jan. 24.


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