Adventure Center gets luxurious with new brochure

Adventure Center has moved into the luxury travel sector with the release of its tour operator Peregrine’s “Reserve”brochure, which Adventure Center says has been “designed for discriminating clients who want to enjoy some of the most remarkable experiences on earth, whether it’s dining in a palace with Indian royalty or staying in a remote wildlife centre in the heart of the Amazon.”There are 21 itineraries, visiting every continent except Australia. Itineraries range from the well-known, such as Italy and China, to the “new”destinations of Burma and Rwanda. “Adventure travel has long been perceived as only for clients who are energetic and not too fussy about where they stay,”says Adventure Center president Dallyce Macas. “Thanks to Reserve, the sector has now been opened up to those who not only want comfort, they want five-star luxury.”Accommodation ranges from storied hotels to mansions and palaces, exotic tented camps and stylish floating hotels. Because Reserve groups are small – usually a maximum of 12 – accommodation is often provided in boutique properties that can’t accommodate larger groups. A meal may be in a private country retreat in India (which travellers reach by elephant); a rustic feast in a lemon grove in Italy; or be a traveller’s own creation after a cooking class in Vietnam, Sri Lanka or Morocco. Transportation is varied, including travel by train (such as the Hiram Bingham train in Peru, operated by Orient Express) or a hot air. On the Spirit of Kenya tour, the complimentary loan of Canon camera equipment along with expert photographic guidance is included. ( ,

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