Adventure Center picks its top 5

With the European selling season heating up, Adventure Center’s national sales manager, Pat Rochon is offering his picks of destinations that will be the “stars of the season.” Says Rochon: “Croatia is definitely the new Greece. Your clients get the pleasures of the Greek Islands along with a great climate, food, amazing history and culture — yet prices, especially in the idyllic small towns and villages, are very reasonable.” He also points out that “One of the most popular tours offered by Adventure Center to Croatia is a great combination of stunning islands and historic towns as featured on the 8 day escorted Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast tour.” France is also going to have a “banner” year, with Rochon observing: “It’s the number one visited country in Europe, and this year will be no exception.” And he suggests that Adventure Center’s escorted cycling program in Burgundy will work well for agents with customers looking for a different way to explore the popular destination. Rochon picks Turkey as one of the up-and-coming destinations, observing that visitors like the fact that they can easily visit two continents in one holiday and see a part of the Middle East known for its value, beauty, great shopping, history and safety. “Turkey is perceived as “adventure lite” — a great way to get slightly off the beaten path,” Rochon said, noting that the Lycian region is perfect for the client looking for a relaxing holiday, such as a cruise on a crewed Gulet, or spacious wooden sailboat typical of Turkey. Italy will be another favourite this season — even for repeat visitors. As Rochon sees it: “Italy offers so much for Canadians, whether you’re into food, photography, history or wine. And it’s a great destination for families too — after all what kid doesn’t love pasta?” And while Adventure Center has dozens of Italy itineraries, Rochon says that its 8 day Treasures of Tuscany program is particularly popular with families. Spain is seeing increased inquiries — particularly Northern Spain. Rochon says that “There’s a growing curiosity about the famous pilgrims’ walk, the Camino de Santiago.” And he notes that Adventure Center’s Green Spain and The Pilgrims Way allows travellers a chance to experience a portion of that while also exploring beautiful Bilbao. For more, go to .