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Advica Travel Club Has Canadians Covered

Advica Travel Club has launched of its new concierge healthcare membership program for Canadians travelling to the United States.

In tandem with the reopening of borders and at the height of snowbird departure season, Advica Travel Club addresses the many health and COVID testing-related concerns Canadians travelling to the United States are grappling with.

Through a partnership with Redirect Health, Advica Travel Club connects members directly to leading healthcare providers for timely medical advice, treatment, and solutions.

With 24/7 care, quick response times, and personalized medical concierge support at fair prices, Advica Travel Club ensures members’ travel won’t be unnecessarily disrupted due to health concerns.

While the November 8th opening of land borders was welcome news to the nearly million Canadians who drive south each winter, experts and officials advise Canadians to be prepared for unexpected medical needs which affect nearly 50% of travellers.

As a powerful complement to travel insurance which helps to cover the cost of medical treatments, Advica Travel personally guides members through all the medical services – from prescription refills to speaking with a health clinician, to an unfortunate emergency room experience – ensuring members don’t pay more than they should and are in the right hands.

Kevin Brady, partner, Advica Travel Club explains: “After nearly two years of travel restrictions and unprecedented worry, peace of mind when it comes to health and wellness is more important than ever. Advica Travel Club was designed as a travel companion that allows members to focus on enjoying their vacation rather than worrying that something will go wrong.”

Advica Travel Club’s monthly packages are available for individuals, couples, or families and provide:

  • Support for COVID-19 testing and results
  • Access to virtual and in-person doctors and nurses
  • Prescriptions and refills, diagnosis, basic treatment
  • Guiding course of treatment
  • Specialist referrals

As for how the program works, upon joining, every member receives a link and a unique HELP CODE used to reach Member Care any time they need medical assistance.

After entering the code and answering a few questions, the member is promptly contacted by a representative from Redirect Health, Advica Travel Club’s service partner.

Members also have the option to schedule a call time at their convenience.

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