Agents Can Set Sail To Antarctic With Swan Hellenic

Swan Hellenic has just launched a competition for travel advisors to live the full Antarctic cultural expedition cruise experience themselves.

The rules are simple. Each travel agency needs to book a minimum of three staterooms on Swan Hellenic’s 2023-24 Antarctic Cruises for its travel Advisor/s who made a booking to be entered. Then, each advisor receives one entry in the Prize Draw for every stateroom booking they have made.

There are no limits to the travel advisors’ chances. If they book three staterooms, they treble their odds, getting three entries and so on. And with Swan Hellenic’s 2023-24 Antarctic Sale offering up to 30% off the pioneering company’s increasingly acclaimed voyages, the bookings will practically sell themselves

What’s more, the Prize Draw will be for 10 double-occupancy Oceanview staterooms on a 9-day Antarctic cruise in Swan Hellenic’s 2024-25 Season. So that will be 10 lucky winners and their partners.

The only restriction is that there can be just one prize-winner per travel agency, so as to spread Swan Hellenic Trade Partners’ experience of what sets it apart as widely as possible.

With the competition running from July 4 to Dec. 31, 2023, there will be ample opportunities to stack up entries for an unforgettable cultural expedition cruise in 2024-25.

The results will come through in the first week of January 2024, giving the winners plenty of time to plan. Not that they’ll need to do much, with practically everything included in the prize except international flights, for which they’ll know just how to get an exceptional, if not free, deal!

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