Time is growing short for travel agents wanting to have a chance to win a one-week fam trip to Flanders, Belgium, that will enable them to enjoy local cuisine and beer and cycle in the countryside, courtesy of VISITFLANDERS and Baxter Media.

Flanders is famed for its culinary experiences, being home to 129 Michelin-star restaurants and having one of the highest densities of fine dining restaurants in the world.

“And because there is so much more to see, we will also engage in some fun leisure cycling and get some healthy exercise before the next meal,” VISITFLANDERS says.

“There is a long history of cycling in Belgium,” adds Marco Frank of VISITFLANDERS. “The countryside is primarily flat so it is easy to cycle even long distances. But the beautiful aspect of our cycling products is the fact that we can offer cycling for all skills and interest levels. From basic leisurely cycling in the cities or the countryside for just a few hours to full hard-core one-week cycling experiences that replicate iconic climbs of the Tour of Flanders, a “Spring Classic” cycling race that takes place in April.”

The Tour of Flanders was first held in 1913 and “attracts the best of the best cyclists. The day before, any cyclists up for the challenge can race the same course that the professional riders compete on. Shorter distances are available for cyclists that do not want to go the full distance.”

The Cycling Node Network assigns cycling routes a specific number. Online and offline planning tools allow people to create custom tours. For those wanting additional help cycling tour operators provide bike rentals and guided tours tailored to specific needs.

In addition to the cycling network, which extends about 12,000 km, there is a similar network for hikers. “The Flemish Ardennes are a great place for hiking,” Frank says. “The rolling hills make for a picturesque landscape. The hiking trails are all signposted, easy to hike and only a short distance away from where you are staying.”

The fam will take place in October.

The contest closes July 12. To enter, agents must answer four questions online at