Agents Discover Italy’s ‘Most Beautiful Borghi’

The Italian National Tourist Board, along with the National Association “The Most Beautiful Borghi of Italy,” hosted an event in Toronto recently for 40 Canadian travel agents and tour operators to showcase the importance of Borghi and small villages in the lesser-known areas of Italy and the role they have as catalysts for promoting sustainable tourism.

Fiorello Primi, President of the Association, took the opportunity to showcase some examples of the hidden treasures within small villages and Borghi in Italy that are now included within the association, and that could unlock their potential to help reshape the tourism industry of the future.

By embracing slow tourism and exploring these lesser-known areas, Canadians can create an opportunity to connect deeply with the local culture, forging meaningful relationships and leaving a positive impact.

The presentation, also attended by the Consul General of Italy, Luca Zelioli, and by Angelo Sollazzo, President of CIM-Confederation of Italians around the World, was one of the many events held in June to celebrate the Italian Heritage Month in Canada.

Angelo Sollazzo, President CIM-Conferderazione Italiani nel Mondo, pointed out that: “Roots tourism is a key type of tourism for our country. Thanks to the activities of the Confederation of Italians in the World we are going to promote the villages to a huge audience that is very important for return tourism, that of second and third generation Italians who are great supporters, disseminators and at the same time consumers of MADE in Italy.”

Maria Elena Rossi, ENIT Marketing Director, said: “Sustainable tourism is not merely a buzzword; it is a necessity. It calls upon us to tread lightly, respecting the delicate balance between preserving the environment and supporting the livelihoods of local communities. Small villages, with their limited infrastructure and unique offerings, naturally lend themselves to this model.”

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