Agents encouraged to become Youth Travel Specialists

Contiki Holidays is continuing its popular Youth Travel Specialist (YTS) program into 2013, offering agents the opportunity to learn more about the travel needs of their young clients. Upon completing a series of webinars hosted by Contiki sales managers, agents will have a solid understanding of the youth client and feel confident in recommending the right Contiki product to 18-35’s. The free 30-minute webinars run from Jan. 16 through the year, and agents have to complete all seven topics to receive their certificate plaque declaring them a Youth Travel Specialist (topics include Europe, Latin America, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, USA & Canada, Selling to Gifters & Groups and Business Development Strategies). In addition, upon completing the webinars, agents also receive exclusive benefits like fam consideration, discounted rates for themselves and their clients and other incentives and prize considerations. “The 18-35 traveller is quite a different sell from other clients, so we wanted to make sure that agents are as comfortable and prepared as possible when selling our trips,”says Brad Ford, president of Contiki Canada. “The Youth Travel Specialist program is a fantastic way for agents to connect to the needs of young travellers and to also reap the rewards of completing the webinars, including client discounts and FAM consideration.”(