Agents Enjoy A Taste Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong chefs clearly haven’t been idle during the pandemic.

In fact, Hong Kong chef and TV personality Christian Yang told a Baxter Media webcast focusing on Hong Kong’s food and beverage scene that the very opposite is true.

“I think this COVID period has really been able to create a new genre of cuisine in Hong Kong and in the bar scene as well,” he said.

Yang told viewers that Hong Kong chefs have been given more opportunity to create their own menus and are doing just that.

As well, Chinese chefs are finding “ways to make Chinese food sexy again,” he continued.

Yang said Hong Kong restaurant-goers can experience fine dining while sitting at a restaurant counter. “The whole experience is very immersive,” he said, adding the destination’s culinary scene is benefitting from “up-and-coming young chefs.”

Yang said Hong Kong restaurants are paying increasing attention to sustainability, embracing a “lot of zero waste concepts,” which allows “us to become better citizens of the world.”

The sustainability trend is reflected in a growing number of vegan restaurants in Hong Kong and “zero waste dishes” are available in Hong Kong restaurants.

Hong Kong’s restaurant and bar scene was praised by Danielle Paris of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, who applauded “brilliant minds that are carving a new niche in Hong Kong’s culinary landscape.”

The webcast coincided with the annual Hong Kong Wine & Dine festival, which Paris said features the “innovative elevation” of the destination’s cuisine.

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If you happened to miss last week’s webcast, you can now watch the recorded version on YouTube: