Agents Explore Goway’s Customized And Curated Experiences

Goway Travel proudly notes that it’s covering the Middle East and Africa from A(mman) to Z(ambia).

The tour operator recently held a Toronto event that saw Goway suppliers from both parts of the world updating travel agents on what they offer.

“How many of you want to have breakfast with a giraffe? We have those types of experiences,” Goway’s Ian Smyth told the crowd.

The tour operator provides what Smyth labelled “customized and curated” experiences.

The company also used the event to introduce its newest destination of Saudi Arabia, which Goway’s Moira Smith described as a particularly suitable destination “for people who want to explore” a lesser-known part of the world, with Saudi Arabia only deciding to begin welcoming tourists in 2019.

A country that long adhered to a strict interpretation of Islam has been easing some of its tenets recently, including dress codes for women, with tourism officials saying female visitors no longer need cover their hair or wear long sleeves in areas that aren’t of great religious significance.

Goway is citing a combination of Saudi history, culture and landscapes to promote its Saudi program.

The company’s Brittany Banks recently visited the country and labelled it “very untouched” as it hasn’t seen many tourists, and added she found the Saudis very friendly, frequently giving her welcoming gifts, with one restaurant providing her with free baklava.

(Current fighting between Israel and Hamas has prompted Goway to suspend its Israel program.)

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