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AIG Study Finds Safety Is An Issue

A recent study commissioned by AIG Travel found that 45% of female travellers feel less safe or much less safe about traveling than they did five years ago.

Results of the travel trends survey also show that safety is top of mind for women while they are evaluating potential destinations as well as during their travels.

Further analysis of the data indicates an opportunity for employers to adopt a bigger role in educating employees about travel safety.

“The local risks where employees travel may be completely different than the local risks they face in their home city,” observed Gaurav D. Garg, CEO of Personal Insurance at AIG. “With the help of insurers, employers can tailor insurance and security programs to meet the needs of their entire workforce.”

As solo travel rises in popularity, especially among females, increased reports of violence or geopolitical turmoil in some regions may heighten awareness of individual security and impact women’s decisions on where and when to journey.

To help minimize risks that females may face when traveling, AIG Travel recently launched a Women’s Travel Safety initiative, which shares advice on how to research travel destinations, become familiar with local laws and customs, and leverage tools in the event of adverse situations, such as kidnappings or other crimes.

The initiative is also designed to raise awareness of women’s travel safety through tips shared via social media with the hashtag #WomenWhoTravel.

For more, go to to view the Women’s Travel Safety initiative advice and materials.

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