Air Canada Captures the Feeling of ‘Home’

Air Canada is celebrating the Canadian spirit with the launch of a new ad called “Our Home.”

Running on television, online and in theatres throughout the holidays, the ad portrays the deeply personal connections we have to the place we call home, brought to life in a heartfelt narration by Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds –

“The feeling of home is about something much more than a place,” said Andy Shibata, managing director, Brand at Air Canada. “We wanted to express what Canadians are feeling about their homes as they reunite with loved ones, and also show our pride in a country the world admires so much but we simply all call home.”

“I felt a connection to this script because I know what it’s like to carry that feeling of home with me wherever I go,” said Reynolds. “Being a Canadian who travels all over the world, I understand how my home made me who I am and the special regard people everywhere have for Canada. But what’s even more exciting to me is that Air Canada, through the Air Canada Foundation, has been involved with Canadian charities like SickKids, an organization I’ve also been fortunate to work with.”

The ad is part of a larger campaign Air Canada launched in November to celebrate home.

Reynolds will continue to work with Air Canada in 2018 with new projects already on the horizon.