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Air Canada Confirms Mobile App Data Breach

Approximately 20,000 Users May Have Been Affected, All Accounts Locked

Air Canada has confirmed that it has locked all of its mobile App accounts due to unusual login behaviour between Aug. 22-24.

There are approximately 1.7 million Air Canada mobile App user profiles and an Air Canada investigation determined that approximately 1% or 20,000 profiles may potentially have been improperly accessed.

The airline took action to block these attempts and implemented additional protocols to protect against further unauthorized attempts. As an additional security precaution, all mobile App accounts were locked to protect customers’ data. To reactivate an Air Canada mobile App account, customers will need to reset their passwords. The airline has e-mailed those users that may have been affected and they are advised to see instructions and to follow the prompts the next time they log into their Air Canada mobile App.

Officials add that credit card information is protected, but as a continued best practice, recommend users monitor credit card transactions and contact their financial services provider immediately if unusual or unauthorized activities are found.


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