Air Canada Making It Simple And Seamless

“It’s the best it has ever been,” responded Virgilio Russi when asked about Air Canada’s relationship with travel agents. “I think there has been a conscious effort from our side to improve that relationship and to set different parameters to the relationship – the focus has really been on partnership.”

Russi, senior director sales, Canada for the airline, told Canadian Travel Press’ executive editor, Bob Mowat during an exclusive interview, that the partnership between Air Canada and the travel agency community is all about “how are we going to best service the customer jointly.”

The answer to that question can probably be summed up in two words – simple and seamless. Make things simple and seamless for both agents and for the customer.

To get there, Air Canada has been making heavy investments in training for both it’s sales team and for its travel agency partners; it has also been finding (and continues to search for) new ways to automate a range of processes; and it has been introducing (and will continue to introduce) products and services designed to provide that seamless experience that consumers are looking for from an airline.

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