Air France trading on Bluenext

Air France trading on Bluenext Air France has announced that it began trading on Bluenext in January, becoming the 108th member of Bluenext. At the beginning of January this year, all airlines flying to and from Europe were required to cover their carbon dioxide emissions. Air France is the first airline to register for trading in emission rights directly on Bluenext. The carrier indicated that it is “thoroughly prepared for its compliance” and its Bluenext membership is a new expression of its long-lasting environmental commitment.” The airline industry is the largest industry — after the utility sector — joining the European trading scheme and is a landmark development for the Carbon trading industry in Europe. And just so you know, BlueNext is the international exchange for the environment, operating markets in carbon emission allowances and credits. BlueNext, in which NYSE Blue holds a 60% interest while the remaining 40% is held by CDC Climat, today operates a spot market in CO2 emission allowances that is the European leader in the field, from trading through to worldwide DVP settlement in real time.