Air NiuGini BSP Canada’s Newest Member

AirlinePros Canada Inc. reports that Air NiuGini (PX/656) is now an active member of BSP Canada.

Air NiuGini has opted for mass e-plating (general concurrence) so that all fully IATA-registered travel organizations in Canada may start issuing tickets on PX e-stock without delay.

PX can booked in all major GDS systems such as Amadeus, Sabre and Apollo.

At this time PX is “cash only,” but steps are being taken to introduce credit card acceptance at a later date.

Agents may claim 5% commission POS on International PX operated flights with PX fares that do not include Interline segments. For wholly domestic flights and fares operated by PX, agents can claim 2% commission POS.

Air NiuGini has appointed AirlinePros Canada to oversee BSP Coordination in Canada.

Karl Müller, Canada director of AirlinePros, commented, “The Southern region of Oceania where New Guinea is located has seen a notable increase of tourism from Canada for diverse categories for this fascinating destination in recent years. Various Canadian entities actively participate in the energy and mining segments.

PX has an appealing route network that connects New Guinea with Australia and South-east Asian/Pacific destinations. We look forward to supporting Air NiuGini in reaching their market objectives.”

Agents that may require further assistance can contact [email protected] or [email protected].