Air screening measures expanded for NEXUS members

US TSA Pre (pre-check) lanes are being expanded for Canadian NEXUS members, making air travel smarter and faster within the United States. As of Nov. 15, Canadians who are members of the NEXUS program travelling within the US will be able to use their NEXUS cards for expedited screening at 27 participating airports. “The Government of Canada and the United States are delivering on commitments to include Canadian NEXUS members in designated TSA Pre lanes as part of the Beyond the Border Action Plan,”said transport minister Steven Fletcher. “This will mean smarter and faster air travel for Canadian NEXUS members travelling within the US, while maintaining a high level of aviation security.”NEXUS is a joint program between Canada and the US for pre-approved travellers to simplify border crossing while enhancing security. When travelling by air, NEXUS saves time by allowing members to use automated self-serve kiosks. The extension of this program is a result of the Beyond the Border Action Plan announced earlier this year by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama. (