Air Transat Improves Fuel-Management Program


Air Transat is acquiring new fuel efficiency software.

Developed by Swiss company Aviaso, the software will enable more accurate measurement of the impact of all the initiatives in the company’s fuel-management program.

“We already have one of the best fuel-management programs in the industry,” says Jean-François Lemay, general manager, Air Transat. “Implementing this system developed by Aviaso gives us the means to improve our practices and further refine our program, with the goal of reducing fuel burn by another 1%.”

Air Transat’s stringent management of aircraft fuel consumption, adjustments to operating methods and investments in technology generate real, measurable reductions in aviation-related greenhouse-gas emissions. The carrier’s fuel-management program, introduced in 2003, has enabled a reduction in fuel burn of some 5%. It is acknowledged as a model for the industry, and stands out for its rigour.

Air Transat was also one of the first Canadian airlines to disclose its greenhouse-gas emissions; it began doing so in 2007. In 2014, emissions were 7.76 kg per passenger per 100 km, a performance that earned it the award for Most Climate Efficient North American Net Carrier from the German NGO atmosfair.