Alberta Re-Start Plan Welcomed By NACC

The National Airlines Council of Canada (NACC) is welcoming Alberta’s ‘Open for Summer’ re-start plan announced yesterday (May 26) by provincial premier, Jason Kenney.

Mike McNaney, president and CEO of NACC, commented: “Canada’s major airlines congratulate the Alberta government on today’s release of the province’s restart strategy entitled “Open for Summer.”

McNaney continued: “The plan provides criteria for the phased re-opening of the economy including welcoming domestic and international visitors. We want to thank the Premier for providing clarity to consumers and industry. Today’s announcement follows the release yesterday of British Columbia’s restart plan, which also establishes timeframes and metrics for the restart of regional and national travel.”

However, NACC’s boss made it clear that: “We continue to call on the federal government to work with the aviation sector to provide similar clarity concerning the restart of international travel, and how we will address on-going travel restrictions within Canada to achieve domestic consistency.”

To check out Alberta’s ‘Open for Summer’ plan, click here.

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