All Together On The Road To Brighter Days

Checking In For An Update From TICO’s Richard Smart

“One thing is certain, as Regulator we need to continue to reach out to stakeholders, listen and embrace the inevitable changes ahead, TICO’s president and CEO, Richard Smart tells Canadian Travel Press. And to do that, Smart makes it clear that TICO needs to keep those stakeholders “informed and aware so that they can plan for and purchase travel with confidence in this new post-pandemic era of travel.”

Smart is clearly aware that for more than a year now, most [Ontario] registrants have been suffering with little to no revenue.

Ontario’s registar notes that: “Approximately 10% of registrants closed their doors, although about half of those were branches of larger registrants looking to cut costs.”

However, Smart continues: “The good news is that we also had new registrations. More than 50 true entrepreneurs who had the vision to seek future opportunity knowing that pent up demand will need to be served.”

Adding that: “Registrants are showing great ingenuity, re-tooling, updating their websites, shifting to home offices and generally being creative and innovating.”

For the full story, check out the latest issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.



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