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A recent research study of travellers conducted by Allegiant and partner Heart & Mind Strategies confirms that low cost and value are the most important considerations for consumers shopping for vacation travel, and Canadian leisure travellers are willing to drive a little farther to save a lot on airfare. Canadian travellers revealed that their top priorities for selecting a carrier centred on low fares and getting the most value for their money. This deal-centric attitude is also reflected in a lower desire and expectation for optional amenities and loyalty/reward programs and a preference to use the money they save on airfare on their vacation, on such things as upgraded hotel package to show tickets and other destination experiences.

With lowest fare serving as a core driver for selecting a carrier, most Canadian travellers indicated a willingness to drive a little farther to alternative airports to achieve significant savings of higher cost carriers. \”This research just confirms that Allegiant is providing Canadian leisure travellers with the travel product they most want — low fares and affordable vacations,\” said Rich Winiarski of Allegiant Travel Company. Allegiant\’s Bellingham, Wash. routes, which serve the Vancouver market, have been operational since 2004. Allegiant has expanded this model to serve additional markets in Canada, adding routes at US airports within driving distance of Toronto and Montreal. Canadians can take advantage of Allegiant\’s non-stop departures from border cities such as Plattsburgh and Niagara Falls, NY; Grand Forks, ND; Bellingham, WA; Toledo, OH; and Bangor, ME. (http://www.allegiant.com)

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