Amadeus By The Numbers

With revenues and profit increases driven by growth in both North America and Asia-Pacific, Amadeus IT Holding, S.A. Reports that for the nine months ended Sept. 30, 2015, its adjusted profit (excluding acquisition costs) grew by 9.6%. Revenue was up by 14.7%, while EBITDA (excluding acquisition costs) grew by 10.6%.

Amadeus’ president and CEO, Luis Maroto commented: “Our focus on delivering revenue-generating technology to our partners has improved our competitive position in the market, supporting growth in both revenues and profit.”

Maroto continued that: “Asia-Pacific and North America growth resulted in a 1.9 p.p. enhancement to our competitive position in air travel bookings, driving strong revenue growth of 12.1% in distribution; whilst IT Solutions delivered a 21.3% revenue increase, supported by the full year effect of migrations – many of which were in Asia-Pacific, where other airlines are still to migrate.”

He also pointed out that Amadeus’ strong financial performance also allowed it to continue to invest in key areas, including the announcement of its intention to acquire Navitare, a deal that is currently subject to regulatory approval. As well, Amadeus also acquired Netherlands-based Itesso BV and US-based Hotel SystemsPro.

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