Amadeus Introduces Productivity Tracker for Agencies

Amadeus is helping agencies track their performance with Productivity Tracker, the latest solution in the Amadeus Agency Insight suite.

According to officials, one of the biggest challenges in today’s marketplace is trying to improve performance and getting the right information at the right time. Having to rely on reports from disparate systems, inconsistent measurement and outdated information can drastically impact an agency’s ability to take timely decisions and drive business forward.

Productivity Tracker uses data analytics to identify areas for operational improvement and empower agencies of all sizes to make more effective decisions. Agencies can, for example, detect process inefficiencies and take corrective action.

They can also run reports to show what contributes most to overall booking and revenue, allowing them to better determine where to allocate resources. Additionally, forward-thinking analysis and trends empower agents to make strategic decisions on a broad range of business areas. For example, they can gain foresight into bookings at risk of cancellation and respond in time to protect their reservations.

Productivity Tracker has the flexibility to adapt to the unique structure of every agency, regardless of complexity. The solution’s smart user interface delivers visual reports that convey information with clarity, helping agencies to monitor performance “at a glance” and quickly make the right strategic choices. Individual users can customize the display of reports and download them in a variety of formats.