Amazing Portland And More


Heather Anderson wants Canadians to chow down in her home town. Anderson, with Portland, Oregon’s Travel Portland, told a Wednesday Toronto gathering that the city of Portland has “attracted amazing chefs from all over” to the city’s “food-obsessed culture.”

Portland has over 500 food tucks, she continued. “We didn’t necessarily invent the food truck movement but we definitely perfected it.”

The greater Portland region has some 90 craft breweries, “ensuring that you’re never too far from a nice cold beer,” she continued.

Anderson praised Portland “amazing” downtown region, which she said is only 20 minutes from a winery and 90 minutes from year-round skiing.

Lisa Itel of Travel Oregon in turn said Oregon’s outdoorsy nature offers the likes of skiing, kiteboarding, hiking and biking, thanks in part to many microclimates. The Hood River is the “kiteboarding capital of the world,” she continued.

A lengthy coast means “there are moments when you go out on the beach and you feel like you own it.”

The state’s Crater Lake National Park is home to the deepest lake in North America and Crater Lake’s vast dimensions mean it could accommodate San Francisco, she said. “It is that immense.”

Oregon is eager to make inroads in Ontario. The bulk of its Canadian visitors come from the West. Air Canada plans to start Calgary-Portland service May 1. It already offers Vancouver-Portland service.

Seen here are Damon Allan, Maxima Tours; Corey Marshall, Travel Oregon; Itel; Liz Devine, Rainbow High Travel and Vacations; and Jason Allan, Maxima Tours.