Americans intend to take as many or more vacations during the coming year as they did last year, although their list of preferred destinations is smaller and they remain cautious about discretionary expenditures, according to the newly released MMGY Global/Harrison Group 2013 Portrait of American Travelers.
The survey revealed a three percent increase in active travellers planning to \”take more trips in the year ahead\” (now 18% of all travellers), while two thirds (64%) of travellers are planning to take the same number of trips this year as they did last year. This compares with 15% who are planning to \”take fewer trips.\” And notwithstanding their concern about household budgets, leisure travelers in all annual household income segments expect to spend slightly more on travel/vacations in 2013 than they did in 2012, a good sign that travel continues to be a priority for Americans when they think about their discretionary spending.
While the recession technically ended in June 2009, Americans\’ travel behaviour reflects a lingering concern about the impact of the Great Recession on consumer spending, both discretionary and otherwise. Specifically, six in 10 travellers are still looking closely at every spending category, including travel services, seeking ways they can save.
The level of interest in visiting several popular domestic destinations is also flat or has declined. Travellers are interested in visiting approximately 10% fewer destinations now than in 2012.
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