Amex GBT Enhances Its Sustainability Solutions

American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) has signed a new agreement with climate tech company CHOOOSE to integrate its carbon emissions calculations across Amex GBT’s travel booking and reporting tools.

The company indicated that the aim of the new deal is to enhance Amex GBT’s sustainability solutions by increasing the precision and consistency of greenhouse gas emissions data and to build architecture for future carbon compensation.

Canada is ranked 10th in the world for total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and has the highest GHG emission rate per capita from the top 10 emitting countries and regions, according to government data.

Patrick Doyle, Amex GBT VP and General Manager, Canada, said: “When it comes to travel, flights are the single largest contributor to business travel emissions.”

And Doyle added: “Our aim is to provide more choice and more tools to help educate travellers and drive real progress in sustainable travel.”

Amex GBT displays carbon emission data in its online booking tool, Neo, to help travellers make educated, sustainable decisions. With the integration, travellers will see consistent trip emissions values in the search results, itineraries, and in the Amex GBT Mobile app for past and future trips.

This will provide more visibility into the travellers’ individual carbon footprint, helping them better understand the environmental impact of travel and influence their booking behavior.

Air Canada also identified CHOOOSE as its partner when the company debuted its new carbon offset program in September 2022.

Amex GBT clients will have options to compensate for their business travel emissions via a diverse portfolio of climate solutions, integrated seamlessly into their booking and reporting tools. Going forward, Egencia will also integrate certain CHOOOSE-powered emissions calculations into its business travel platform, including its reporting tool.