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An ‘Awesome’ Week For Travel Advisors

ACITA is advising that it has been “an awesome week” for travel advisors after opposition members tabled a Motion in the House of Commons, entitled: “Measures to Support Canadian Workers re Tourism, & Loans to Airlines.”

Nine different MPPs spoke about travel advisors in their comments during the discussion and debate that ensued.

And you can check out the debate in this video:

Judith Coates of the Associations of Canadian Independent Travel Advisors (ACITA), observed following the meeting: “We are pumped, because it was very evident that our voices are being heard. These were all MP’s that we’ve had Zoom meetings with.  We are thrilled that they have been listening (after meeting with more than 170 MP’s).”

Coates pointed out that the motion was passed 183-159, observing: “We think that this will be the huge push that the Liberals need to get on with the bailout agreements, and we know that the Opposition parties will keep them accountable.

Please feel free to share any of this information.”

And she concluded: “This is a huge win for all travel advisors.”

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