An Experience To Remember

Adventure travel specialist Great Canadian Trails is offering travellers an opportunity to experience an iconic moment in Canadian history this summer.

Retracing the footsteps of hopeful stampeders, the trip follows their migration route over the Chilkoot Pass and down to the Yukon River to the site of the famous Klondike goldfields.

“Hiking the Chilkoot Trail means tapping into the spirit of adventure of the thousands and men and women who traversed the trail before,” said Nathalie Gauthier, manager of Great Canadian Trails.

“Relics of their passing remain everywhere and serve as a reminder that now, the payoff is the experience itself,” Gauthier said.

Beginning in Whitehorse, the itinerary journeys through the Yukon and British Columbia before boarding the historic train to Skagway, Alaska.

This marks the start of the trek, just as it was for the stampeders over 100 years ago.

While they were required by the Northwest Mounted Police to carry a year’s worth of provisions, now Great Canadian Trails is the only company to offer the trek with full pack support.

Departing Aug. 9, the highlights of the seven-day Chilkoot Trail also include a scenic flight by float plane from Lake Bennett to Whitehorse; a scenic rail journey from British Columbia to Skagway, Alaska; camping in Canada’s remote northern wilderness; coastal rainforest with spruce and cottonwood trees six-meters in diameter;and abandoned towns and artefacts from the gold rush.

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