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Anderson Vacations has announced that Believe in Gold has become the company’s official charitable foundation. Believe in Gold is a local Calgary foundation focused on building awareness for childhood cancer and raising funds to help support the families affected and the research required. The groundwork for the foundation was started in 2010 by teenager Jacey Uphill while she was fighting her own battle with cancer. She found relief and hope of the hardship she was experiencing by getting involved in her community raising awareness about childhood cancer and the affects that it has on the patients’ families. Uphill’s goal was to battle cancer by sharing hope, belief, perseverance and a positive attitude. After her passing in 2012, her vision is now being carried out by family and friends. “Believe in Gold is a foundation that honours the legacy and wishes of a remarkable teenager by building what she dreamed of doing,”said Shonalie Stadnyk, founder of Believe in Gold. “We are thrilled with the partnership with Anderson Vacations and truly hope that some of the initiatives we are working on together will enable more of their customers and friends to get involved and make a difference for children all over the world.”Anderson Vacations has launched a campaign where donations to the charity are made in one of three ways. A contribution of $2 from every new custom holiday booking for any destination across Canada and the South Pacific will be donated to Believe in Gold. Next, on Anderson’s Coach Tour programs every customer who makes a booking will get a brief overview of the charity and be encouraged to donate to Anderson’s official partner at the time of booking. Finally, on all of Anderson’s coach tours this year, there will be a “Twoonies for Believe in Gold”basket at the front of the coach and Anderson will be collecting spare change from passengers. This change will then be matched by Anderson at the end of the touring season and donated to Believe in Gold. (

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