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Anil Oraw Heading Back to India

After three years of overseeing India Tourism Toronto, Anil Oraw is heading back to New Delhi.

“I am grateful to all of you for your continuous support, encouragements and passion in promoting and selling India,” Oraw said.

“The efforts and contributions of all of you resulted in extreme growth of tourism from Canada to India. The Canadian tourists visiting India as recorded by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India New Delhi are 257,000; 281,000 and 305,000 in 2014, 2015 and 2016 (approximately), respectively. Also Canada has emerged as the fourth-most important inbound source market for India after the USA, UK and Bangladesh.

“The other achievements attained during the last three years [include the]… starting of Air Canada non-stop flights from Toronto and Vancouver to Delhi and Toronto.”

Oraw notes that Brussels Airlines is also carrying Canadians to Mumbai.

“Friends, all these milestones were achieved due to the hard work and positive contribution made by every individual. India Tourism Toronto will be ever grateful,” Oraw said.

“It’s hard to leave a place like Canada and friends like you, but technology will keep us undoubtedly very close. I can be reached on e-mail at aniloraw@hotmail.com and fb anil oraw wapps and many other e-platforms. I will be in Delhi and be available all the time and for any reasons. My last date in Toronto would be April 15.”

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