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Antigua Open For Business Post Irma

Antigua has successfully coped with Hurricane Irma, defying the worst predictions of disaster.

According to officials, there was no loss of life and the local population and all visitors are safe. Most residential, business and hotel properties remain largely unscathed and main roads have already been cleared of the debris of fallen trees.

The VC Bird International Airport will be open by 2 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) today (Sept. 6) to accommodate arriving and departing aircraft and passengers. Visitors are encouraged to contact the relevant airlines and tour operators if their flights were affected.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne, in a statement earlier today, said that, “the work that the government initiated in advance of the storm paid remarkable dividends. The drains, gutters and reservoirs that were cleared in advance, ensured that the island experienced no flooding, hence eliminating the possibility of water-borne disease.

“The essential point is that our main infrastructure has stood up and our country can resume normal life within hours.” Asot Michael, the country’s Minister of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy, added, “All our visitors remained safe during Hurricane Irma. The island’s hotels suffered only minimal damage and have already commenced clean-up operations.”

Conditions on Barbuda are not fully clear as of yet, but preliminary reports indicate no loss of life and only some damage to private property and one government facility.


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