APG partners with UATP

APG, the leading network of commercial and distribution services for airlines, and UATP, the low-cost payment network owned and operated by the world’s airlines, have announced that APG will become a UATP Issuer. Sandrine de Saint Sauveur, president of APG INC, stated, “the UATP solution was lacking in our portfolio. By adding it we are now able to offer a full range of services to the small- and medium-size airlines.”She added that the focus will concentrate in the beginning phase on airlines that have a demand for UATP Issuance, many in developing charge card markets with strong corporate travel. “We are delighted with our partnership with APG; this will enable us to continue UATP penetration globally and expand the Network,”said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO, UATP. “There are many emerging markets that have high corporate customer demand, but little charge card availability. This new partnership is in line with UATP’s Network strategy to generate new growth in new and underserved corporate card markets.”APG will soon offer to airline clients a co-branded UATP/APG solution. The product aims at developing corporate traffic in a secure way in many countries ranging from Africa, Eastern Europe to South East Asia. (http://www.UATP.COM , http://www.apg-ga.com)