Aqua debuts three distinct hotel brands

Hawaii’s leading hotel management company has changed its name to Aqua Hospitality and announced the restructuring of its 24-property group into three distinctive brands. In a little over a decade Aqua Hospitality, formerly known as Aqua Hotels and Resorts, has developed a highly successful and diverse collection of hotels and resorts that span all six major Hawaiian Islands. Aqua has combined its innovative, service-oriented hotel operations with deep analytical capabilities, a tech-savvy marketing approach and worldwide sales effort to become Hawaii’s top choice for travellers from across the globe. “Hawaii is a melting pot and Aqua’s comprehensive global outreach has made our hotels and resorts as diverse as Hawaii itself,”said Aqua Hospitality president Ben Rafter. “That diversity has led Aqua to create three distinct brands that reflect the unique characteristics of our major market segments — luxury seekers of customized experiences, value and adventure-oriented guests and budget-conscious travellers.”Aqua’s successful strategy of marketing its wide range of accommodations to travellers from all over the world has resulted in dramatically increased business from strong economies like China and Australia. The improving United States and Canadian economies are also pushing Aqua’s occupancy and revenue numbers to new company highs. The hotel group is driving these numbers even higher with an aggressive renovation program with more than US$55 million in projects completed recently or slated for this year. The increased demand from travellers has combined with a varied demographic profile across Aqua’s diversified hotels to create the opportunity for the three new brands and operating divisions under the Aqua Hospitality umbrella: !!! Monogram Hotel Collection represents an elite group of stand-alone and independent hotels and resorts providing a highly personalized luxury experience. Each hotel has a distinct name and identity and is unique in personality, environment and design. All the properties offer a boutique experience and promise to be the highlight of any getaway. !!! Aqua Hotels and Resorts offers stylish, mid-priced hotels that present excellent value and lifestyle services rooted in Hawaii’s rich cultural traditions. Savvy travellers will appreciate the convenient added services that make an Aqua Hotels and Resorts stay fun, convenient and positively practical. !!! Lite Hotels is a group of eclectic, economy hotels that appeal to budget-minded travellers. These guests are seeking the most bang for their buck and appreciate the fundamentals — service, convenience and cleanliness. (