Arajet Connecting Canada With Argentina

Arajet has opened connections from Toronto and Montreal to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The new Arajet’s connection is in addition to those that had already been announced, including Sao Paulo, Brazil; Santiago de Chile, Chile; Cartagena and Medellin, Colombia; as well as several Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Aruba or Curaçao.

In addition to its direct flights, Arajet will be able to offer Canadians a new connection hub through Santo Domingo, where the airline is currently offering direct flights to 22 destinations in 15 countries.

The first flight from Toronto to Santo Domingo will be on Oct. 24 and the first from Montreal will be on Nov. 7.

Víctor Pacheco Méndez, CEO, and founder of Arajet, said: “Arajet fulfills its promise to democratize the skies of the region, and to be able to connect the Americas with the greatest efficiency possible, which is why we offer the opportunity to our Canadian friends to travel safely, on new planes, with the best service on board and at best market price.”

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