Arajet Launching Montreal-Santo Domingo Flights

Arajet has announced its second route out of Canada as it gears up to offer direct flights between Montreal and Santo Domingo.

Operations on the new route will begin Nov. 7, 2023, with Arajet operating 4 days a week with a introductory fare of US$155 (one way, tax included), and will soon also include connections to other destinations in North, Central, South America and the Caribbean.

Víctor Pacheco Méndez, CEO and founder of Arajet, said: “Arajet remains committed to the growth and expansion of our hub, especially now with Canada which is the second country of origin of tourists to the Dominican Republic, and with a diaspora of more than 50 thousand Dominicans who now have a national airline to visit their friends and family.”

And he added: “The citizens of Montreal and Santo Domingo have for the first time an airline that offers direct flights at the best market price, which will generate greater benefits for both countries by strengthening commercial and cultural exchange, as well as tourism.”

Said Pacheco: “Arajet invites all Canadians to enjoy the beautiful Dominican beaches and encourages Dominicans to enjoy Québec’s cultural diversity offered by recreation sports such as hockey games, snow skiing, Formula 1 racing and much more.”

Arajet offers direct flights to 20 destinations in 14 countries making the Dominican Republic the continent’s new low-price hub, with a new fleet of environmentally friendly Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft that reduce sonic pollution by up to 40%.

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