Are More Millennials Booking With Travel Agents

The founder and president of Wells Luxury Travel, a boutique agency specializing in luxury experiences, estimates that roughly 50% of her clients are millennials.

“It is actually quite incredible to see how many affluent millennials there are, and how so many prioritize spending and splurging on luxury trips,” Vancouver-based Kemi Wells tells Travel Courier. “From weekend trips to full blown customized itineraries, they aren’t hesitating to spend on travel and I see this trend continuing year on year. Demand is definitely up and the majority of experienced millennial travel advisors are definitely non-stop busy right now with the travel boom.”

Wells, who is also the co-founder of networking organization Millennials in Travel’s Vancouver branch, believes these clients are turning to travel advisors for personalized service and special benefits.

“As the saying goes ‘You can’t VIP yourself’ and I find younger clients particularly want all the extras and special treatment,” she shares. “I find many are busy working professionals and simply don’t have the time. I also believe when millennials see other millennial travel advisors or travel agency owners like myself, they are a bit more trusting and have more confidence we will understand their needs and wants better.”

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