ARTA Canada opposes fee increase

ARTA Canada is making it abundantly clear that it opposes any increase to the TICO Compensation Fund. Its reasons for opposing the plan is that: TICO wishes to increase contributions in the amount of 600% by registrants to the TICO Compensation Fund over the next three years; TICO received a report by actuaries stating that the TICO Compensation Fund should be maintained at a dollar level between $20 and $25 million; As of March 31, 2012, the TICO Compensation Fund balance was $24.7 million, representing the high end of the TICO Compensation Fund amount stated by actuaries; TICO uses the TICO Compensation Fund to cover various expenses that have no relation to consumer or registrant claims; TICO, when asked by a registrant, could not precisely account for these various expenses totaling approximately $800 thousand at its Annual General Meeting in 2012; The true nature of the 600% increase is believed to provide an avenue for TICO to defray even more various expenditures; TICO, upon pure speculation, predicts the TICO Compensation Fund needs more money contributed by registrants; Registrants believe that it is better to have increases to the TICO Compensation Fund only after there is actually a shortfall below $20 million. For those who oppose the TICO rate increase, ARTA Canada has provided form to complete and which will be transmitted to TICO after submission. Simply go to and fill it out.