Arts & Leisure Redefining Luxury Travel

“Luxury for us means many things,” observed Arts & Leisure owner and founder, Adriana Borghese, before she continued: “Luxury is not only defined by the hotel accommodation, but also means travelling with peace of mind, knowing that while you are enjoying your vacation, every little detail has been taken care of and your only responsibility is to show up.”

In an exclusive interview, Borghese tells Canadian Travel Press:  “Arts & Leisure prides itself on how it works with our partners and travel agents. We treat everyone like a family here to help in any way we can, creating every aspect of travellers’ experience.”

And, Borghese adds: “This is why we refer to ourselves as a Specialty Travel Boutique, because we are not a tour operator or a wholesaler or an online booking agent or impersonal large conglomerate.”

For the full story, check out the latest issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.


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