Asia Just Cruising Along

According to a newly released CLIA study, the Asia’s cruise industry is growing at a record pace and shows no signs of slowing down.

In fact, the study found that Asian source markets experienced the most growth year-over-year in ocean cruise passengers with an impressive 24% increase from 2014 to 2015 and a total of 2.08 million passengers in 2015. Asian cruise deployment, capacity and destinations have been showing remarkable growth too.

Dr. Zinan Liu, chair of CLIA North Asia, said of the study’s results: “While we expected Asia to experience record-breaking growth in cruise travel, we are astonished at the rate at which the region is emerging as one of the most significant cruise destinations and cruise source markets in the world. The Asia Cruise Trends project has again developed extremely valuable data on what is happening in Asian cruising, its current size and recent growth trends.”

CLIA’s president and CEO, Cindy D’Aoust noted that: “The cruise industry has been nimble and responded quickly to the demand for cruise travel in Asia by delivering cruise ships with amenities and experiences tailored to Asian travellers. Asian cruise travel continues to deliver a growing number of enticing opportunities for international guests to visit Asia’s fascinating destinations.”

The 2016 Asia Cruise Trends initiative collected trending data from 31 international and regional cruise lines, representing over 95% of Asia cruise ship capacity. The analyses exclude one-night cruises.

The report is available at .