Atlas adds workshops & lectures for 2024 Cultural Expeditions

Atlas Ocean Voyages has debuted a collection of expert-led workshops and onboard lecturers as part of the 2024 Cultural Expeditions season.

An addition to the company’s year-round expeditions that include Polar and Epicurean Expeditions, these new programs enhance appreciation for a variety of captivating regions and local cultures.

“Atlas Ocean Voyages continues to redefine expedition cruising offering an adventure for every explorer aboard our new fleet of expedition yachts with under 200 guests,” said president and CEO James A. Rodriguez. “On Cultural Expeditions, we are excited to introduce a unique mix of immersive onboard and shoreside experiences where guests can gain insights from experts to further enrich their expedition.”

Drone and photo workshops 

Atlas Ocean Voyages Cultural Expeditions include onboard and onshore programming focused on drone and photo workshops, cooking culture, and destination experts.

Below is an overview for 2024:

Atlas Focus Lab: Drone & Photo Workshops

Guests will embark on an exhilarating journey exclusively with Atlas Ocean Voyages Cultural Expeditions’ new Atlas Focus Lab: Drone & Photo Workshops. These workshops immerse guests in photography activities led by destination and drone experts, capturing breathtaking moments that redefine visual storytelling.

Experts guide guests to discover the perfect light and angles on shore, turning landscapes, architecture, and mesmerizing scenes into unforgettable visual tales. The World Navigator will depart on April 18April 28May 24July 3July 12, and August 10, sailing the Canaries, Iceland, Ireland, and Norway.

Cooking Culture

Atlas Ocean Voyages will welcome guest chefs, food historians, and experts as travellers immerse themselves in the cooking cultures of each destination. Alongside fellow explorers, guests will discover the essence of each locale through its culinary heritage, engaging with experts in onboard demonstrations, captivating presentations, and specialized tastings.

Lectures will include stories behind the Caribbean, South America, Northern Europe, and beyond, revealing how their environments and people have shaped the delectable dishes and cherished ingredients celebrated worldwide. World Traveller March 31World Navigator April 18April 28July 12August 10October 27, and World Voyager March 27April 5April 24, and May 2.

Atlas Ocean Voyages Destination Experts & Lectures

Destination experts and lecturers on Atlas Ocean Voyages Cultural Expeditions range from a guide at the iconic British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum to a trailblazing senior fellow of the Geological Society of London. Guests will delve into the mysteries of the Arctic with the former director of the Scott Polar Research Institute, uncover the secrets of navigational astronomy with a former research astrophysicist, and discover the enchanting world of gardening and plants with a forensic scientist.

From inspirational presentations on art and architecture to fascinating talks on history and culture, this enhanced guest enrichment program showcases South America and the Caribbean traditions, mesmerizing landscapes of Northern Europe, and folklore of Iceland and Greenland villages.

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