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ATPCO: Delivering End-To-End Solutions In A Time Of Crisis

Chris Phillips doesn’t hedge, telling Canadian Travel Press this week that “this is by far the worst crisis we have had to face, and its uncertainty, randomness and market volatility is a massive challenge.”

However, in the first of a two-part piece, the head of global sales and accounts for the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (or ATPCO) points out that initiatives are already in place to help the industry and “we aren’t stopping here and will continue to strive for more innovation to help our airline and industry partners in the coming months and into 2021.”

For over 50 years, ATPCO has served as a foundation of airline flight shopping playing a key role in content creation, distribution, offer creation, retailing, and ultimately settlement.

It ensures that each of these components work seamlessly across new and traditional technologies by delivering end-to-end solutions supporting all airlines, regardless of their strategy or commercial processes. We provide mission critical pricing and retailing infrastructure focused on industry collaboration that elevates the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire ecosystem.

For the full story, check out this week’s CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.

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