ATPCO Expands Deal With Google Flights

ATPCO has announced that Google Flights has signed a long-term expansion deal that gives the metasearch website access to all Routehappy rich content.

The agreement continues Google’s access to Amenities, providing travellers with at-a-glance insights into flight Amenities such as Wi-Fi, seat pitch, onboard entertainment, and power availability, while also providing access to Universal Ticket Attributes (UTAs) and Universal Product Attributes (UPAs).

In 2014, Google Flights was one of the first metasearch websites to integrate Routehappy’s comprehensive Amenities data in its flight search results. Google can now broaden its display options with Routehappy’s UTA and UPA content types.

UTAs provide easy-to-understand information by fare about benefits and restrictions such as cancellation rules, baggage allowance, upgrade eligibility, check-in, and boarding priority, making it easier for flight-seekers to discover important ticket attributes associated with each flight. UPAs visually highlight in-flight features through descriptive text, photos, graphics, and videos, significantly improving the shopping experience for consumers by showcasing comprehensive product and fare offerings.

Robert Albert, EVP Retailing at ATPCO, said that: “Five years ago, Google was one of the first channels to integrate Routehappy Amenities to improve flight shopping for consumers everywhere. We’re extremely proud to expand the rich content that we provide to Google to include UTAs and UPAs.”

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