ATPCO To Use AWS To Drive Innovation

ATPCO has announced that it will use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive further innovation in flight shopping. The multi-year relationship will enable ATPCO to continue modernizing its applications to support faster, large-scale growth for airlines and partners while enabling new solutions to be built more rapidly.

This new collaboration with AWS enables ATPCO to innovate faster, scale more efficiently, and deliver the emerging benefits of its Dynamic Offer Creation and Next Generation Storefront initiatives.

The 2020 Digital Transformation report showed that only 9% of travel and hospitality executives say their organizations have completed a cloud transformation.

Moving to a cloud environment creates opportunity for more rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and ultimately, more flexible and agile capacity to deliver new capabilities to customers.

John Murphy, chief information officer at ATPCO, said that: “Powering the future of flight shopping demands modern solutions, and this collaboration gets us closer to this vision significantly faster.”

Murphy pointed out that: “ATPCO prides itself on our reliability to the industry with more than 99.9% availability, and moving to cloud-native solutions is the key to increasing our reliability beyond that. Working with AWS means ATPCO can drive more innovation, reduce technical debt, and free ourselves from the constraints of legacy systems and infrastructure.”

David Peller, managing director of travel and hospitality at Amazon Web Services, said that: “ATPCO supplies pricing and shopping data that airlines, sales channels, travel agencies, and technology providers rely on to ensure every traveler has the most timely and accurate information. The company chose the scalability and availability of AWS to deliver the huge volumes of data to customers around the world with the utmost reliability and security.”

Peller added: “By migrating to AWS, ATPCO can more easily expand its global data footprint to EMEA and APAC, and accelerate the delivery of new and more innovative shopping experiences to customers around the world.”

The migration to AWS is already underway, and ATPCO is working towards its long-term vision for the travel industry, in which a better shopping experience for consumers is a reality.

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