Authentic Quebec

It’s what one might call a good problem. Coming off a record year for tourism, Quebec officials are faced with the challenge of keeping the numbers going in 2018.

Speaking with PressToday last night in Toronto as part of a two-city road show, Destination Quebec’s Juan Pablo Suarez said with Montreal celebrating its 375th anniversary last year, combined with Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations, tourism numbers to Quebec soared.

“Our challenge is to keep that momentum going,” he said.

And to do that, Destination Quebec has come up with a strategy that focuses on activities and authentic experiences based on five main pillars – the Great Outdoors, Culture, Gastronomy, the St. Lawrence River and Vibrant Cities.

“The message is, ‘there’s something for everyone,’” said Pablo Suarez. “There’s so much diversity.”

This diversity can be seen when it comes to accommodations, with visitors able to stay in a mythical Canadian cabin to a luxurious urban hotel to an igloo.

Another strong market for Quebec is the cruise industry, with both Montreal and Quebec City used as port calls by some of the big cruise lines.

The Quebec road show continues tomorrow (Feb. 8) in Vancouver. Destination Quebec is represented by VoX International in Canada.

Pictured are Pablo Suarez and Gillian Hall, also with Destination Quebec.